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Upland, CA

Party & Birthday Cakes

Party cakes are special because of what they are helping to celebrate, you or a special loved one! It should be memorable but also taste as good as it looks makes it even more special.

For simple cakes, one week notice is fine but, please allow at least 2 weeks notice for more detailed party cakes. 

Candy Land Cake and Smash Cake

Lt. Porker Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

Lady Bug First Birthday Cake

Dora The Explorer

Retirement Cakes
(All items on the cake are edible)

Zebras & Flowers

Doll Cake

Race Cars

Summertime Flip Flops

High School Musical
Viagra Cake

Angry Birds

Mardi Gras

Halloween Topsy Turvy

Purse Cake
(can be made in many styles and colors for the girl who is always on purse patrol)
Elvis Cake

Camelot Cake (can be larger for a wedding cake with gold and silver or with pink and purple for a girls party as well)

Present Cake
Luau Cake

Pirates Delight

Princess Castle Cake

Easter or First Communion Cake

Mickey Mouse House

Tractor Cake

The Joker

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